Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

American Progress strives to advance progressive values—and there is perhaps no more important progressive value than expanding diversity, inclusion, and opportunity on behalf of every person who lives in our country. At American Progress, we recognize and celebrate an undeniable truth: America’s greatness is defined by the collective strength and richness of its diversity.

We recently published data that were derived from self-identification data American Progress is legally required to collect for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC limits answers regarding “sex” and “race and ethnicity” to certain predefined categories. These EEOC-mandated categories do not go nearly far enough; they do not include nonbinary gender identities, disability identities, or provide options to identify as a race or ethnicity other than those listed. It also does not allow for disaggregation of ethnicities beyond broad categories.

Those charts summarized the EEOC-mandated data for the current sex and racial diversity of our employees as well as the data for the five preceding years. But they reflected an incomplete snapshot of our workforce and did not account for identities that change over time. American Progress recognizes that race, ethnicity, and gender are complex constructs and include identities other than those we listed. Therefore, we have taken the data down because they did not provide a complete picture of the demographics of our employees, and we will update these data beyond what is required by law in order to fully reflect the diversity of our workplace.